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    High Intensity Luminous

High Intensity Luminous

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An Exclusive Design Proven Over Time

Re-Verber-Ray® high-intensity infrared space heaters are an ideal heating solution for areas with high air filtration or high ceilings, or where you need to spot heat. From High-Intensity Patio Heater to High-Intensity Space Heaters we have the Infrared Heating Solution for you!

Our exclusive design has a proven history and includes a perforated ceramic emitter for maximum conversion to infrared radiation, plus a variety of BTU and control options. View the Condensed Product Catalog

DSCD Series

Two-Stage High Intensity Patio Heater

  • Two-Stage operation.
  • Versatile mounting options.
  • Wind and rain protected design.


DSCS Series

High Intensity Patio Heater

  • Aluminized or brushed stainless housing.
  • Easily mounts out of the way.
  • Wind- and rain-protected design.


DR Series

High Intensity Space Heaters

  • Compact modular design.
  • Rugged, non-corrosive construction.
  • Exclusive ceramic burner.