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Low Intensity Tube Heaters

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QTD2 Series

Two-Stage, Multi-Burner, Quad Tube Low Intensity Heaters

The patent pending two-stage QTD Series offers a unique and innovative heating solution. Its design incorporates the modular benefits of high-intensity infrared with the application versatility of low-intensity infrared. Distinctive construction features include a multi-burner, multi-exchanger, multi-reflector platform optimized for a broad and even heat output pattern. The enhanced two-stage feature of the QTD Series increases comfort levels while reducing energy costs. CSA Design Certified for indoor or outdoor applications, the QTD Series provides the right choice for a wide variety of applications.

  • CSA Design Certified for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Compact, aesthetically pleasing construction.
  • Easy to install with minimal assembly required.
  • Proven reduced energy consumption characteristics.
  • Multiple construction features including: dual spark ignition, highly emissive heat exchangers, polished reflectors, operational indicator lights and more.
  • Designed and packaged for ease in transportation.
  • Input Range: 60,000 to 80,000 BTU/h
  • Lengths: 107″
  • Gas Type: Natural or Propane
  • Burner Control Box: Coated Enameled Steel
  • Radiant Emitter Tubes: Coated Aluminized Steel
  • Certification: CSA Design Certified
  • Warranty: 1-3-5 (Components-Tubes-Burner)
  • Outdoor Approval: Optional OD-KIT Add-On
  • 24V Controls: 4000-01V External transformer required for controlling multiple units with a single control.
  • Operational Indicator Lights: Standard