Gas Rebates

Choosing infrared heating has its many benefits along with its savings when compared to traditional methods of heating. The overall operating efficiencies of an infrared system are proven and measurable. Long before the importance of the environment was widely understood, fuel efficient heaters for industrial and commercial use were available in the marketplace. Gas-fired infrared heaters offer a solution to the global effort for businesses to design, build and operate facilities that are ecologically friendly.

The Government of Canada is helping to provide incentives for using more energy efficient products. Natural Resources Canada provides comprehensive resources for locating grants, financial incentives and programs for each province. Brant Radiant Heaters is happy to provide information to help its customers gain the rewards of installing infrared heaters.

Here is a list of Gas Companies who have listed their infrared heating rebates on their sites.

Small-UnionGas   Small-GazMetroSmall-Gazifere  Small-SaskEnergy