Fuel Savings

Regardless of brand type or features, an infrared heater will typically save energy when compared to traditional methods of heating. The overall operating efficiencies of an infrared system are proven and measurable.

Long before the importance of the environment was widely understood, fuel efficient heaters for industrial and commercial use were available in the marketplace. Gas-fired infrared heaters offer a solution to the global effort for businesses to design, build and operate facilities that are ecologically friendly.

The properties of radiant heat transfer allow for the thermostat in an area heated by infrared to be set 5°F to 10°F lower than hot air systems, resulting in lower fuel costs while providing comfortable temperatures at the ground level. On average, infrared heaters can save the customer 23 to 50%. Two-stage technology can reduce energy costs by another 12% and benefit customers with faster heat loss recovery, improved comfort and a significant reduction in equipment cycles.

Fuel Cost Savings of up to 50% (over traditional heating methods)

Floor Diagram