CNG Facilities

We Heat CNG Vehicle Maintenance Facilities

Natural gas is an affordable, abundant and environmentally acceptable option to power North America. Infrastructure to support the increasing use of this fuel is being built today. The expansion of CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicle maintenance facilities is changing how municipalities or corporations run their fleet vehicles. Such facilities have to abide to special requirements as set forth in the NFPA 30A, whereby the heater’s operating temperatures shall not exceed 400° C.

Brant Radiant has the expertise to effectively heat these facilities. Our select CSA Design Certified heaters meet construction criteria necessary to meet code, but capable of properly heating your space. When heating these facilities, sometimes the challenge can be to fit the necessary quantity of burners to meet the heat load of the space. In these cases, we can utilize our engineered HLV vacuum systems for the design. Ultimately, we have many options and solutions for these types of facilities and we can generally turn around concept AutoCAD drawings within a few days.

Sample CNG Vehicle Maintenance Facility Layout