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Are you looking to design an infrared project and in need of a technical drawing? You came to the right place.

Search our free AutoCad and Revit compatible product CAD library and download an extensive inventory of drawings consisting of assorted symbols, heaters, installation details, etc.

The AutoCAD drawings for Low Intensity Tube Heaters are in AutoCAD 2004 format.
Dimensions are shown in English units (feet).
Please contact Detroit Radiant Products for Revit families in a .rfa format accessible from Revit 2012 Architect, Structure or MEP programs.

Infrared Heaters

 Low Intensity Tube Heaters

 MP Series Modulating Plus

 HL3 Series Premium Dual-Stage

 DX3 Series Premium Single-Stage

 DET3 Series Economy Dual-Stage

 DES3 Series Economy Single-Stage

 LD2 Series Low Mount/Residential Dual-Stage

 LS2 Series Low Mount/Residential Single-Stage

 QTD Series Quad Dual-Stage

 QTS Series Quad Single-Stage

 HLV Series Multiple Burner Vacuum System

 SV Series Unitary Vacuum System

 High Intensity Luminous Heaters

 DR Series Luminous Space Heater

 DSCS Series Patio-Pal Patio Heater

 Electric Infrared Heaters

 SW Series Short Wave Electric Infrared

 BAH Series Medium Wave Electric Infrared


 ***DISCLAIMER*** The C.A.D. Reference Library is designed for reference purposes only and all data should be confirmed through traditional methods prior to the installation of any product found through this electronic format. Installation, Operation and Maintenance manuals and/or warning labels shall always take precedence to data found in this media library. Always consult these manuals and labels prior to operation of any appliance. Data in this reference library is provided by the factory and is not to be modified in any case without authorized permission.